In March of 2010, a sinkhole developed on Interstate 65, closing both northbound lanes just north of Birmingham, Alabama. This closure forced a 25 mile detour.  Immediately, we were asked to meet with the Highway Director for the Alabama Department of Transportation. Reed was asked to submit a proposal for the emergency repairs needed to re-open this section of highway. We immediately submitted our proposal listing our manpower and abilities. Although many other regional contractors from around the southeast were asked to propose, the very next morning, we were notified that Reed had been chosen to perform the work.

Sink Hole 1

Reed immediately mobilized with equipment, manpower, and over 50 dump trucks.

Sink Hole 2

Excavation began immediately and was directed by the Geotechnical Engineer.

Sink Hole 3
Sink Hole 4

The sinkhole was excavated to a depth of over 40 feet

Sink Hole 5

Once the excavating was completed, we began backfilling operations

Sink Hole 6

Both of our concrete plants and 21 of our concrete trucks were employed to place 800 cubic yards of concrete at the site

Sink Hole 7

Over 55 dump trucks were utilized to haul more 7000 tons of rip-rap to complete the backfill operation.

Sink Hole 8

Once the excavating was completed, we began backfilling operations

Sink Hole 9

After backfilling, paving operations ensued. Reed employed both of our asphalt plants, 2 asphalts crews, and over 60 trucks to complete the paving operations.

Sink Hole 10

All of these operations were completed in just under 8 days of working around the clock and the interstate was re-opened to the public without incident.