The safety and health of our employees is our primary business consideration.  We are fully committed to safety and quality while providing service to our valued clients.  This commitment is the basic philosophy of our entire organization and is reflected in the standards and corporate policies that continually promote performance excellence in all phases of our operation. At Reed, safety is regarded as a fundamental value of the organization and is, without exception, the responsibility of every employee at all levels. The prevention of accidents and injuries is our top priority and safety will be given first consideration at all times.  Reed is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment, with the belief that all workplace incidents are preventable…

  • The safety and health of our employees is the first priority in all aspects of our business
  • The safety and health processes will be sustained, continuously reviewed, and improved throughout the entire organization
  • Our safety culture is a mindset that is practiced by our employees both on and off the job

Our safety program provides clear and comprehensive guidelines and training so that our employees have a well-defined understanding of their safety and the safety of those that work closely with them.

Reed further demonstrates its commitment to health, safety and environmental concerns through the establishment of our Safety Committee. The Safety Committee includes representation from management and a designated representative from each department. The Safety Committee’s mission is to identify and correct health and safety issues, aid in accident/incident investigation, and to assist in keeping employees accountable for their actions.

Reed believes that everyone benefits from a safe and healthy work environment. We are committed to maintaining an injury-free and accident-free workplace.

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