Shingle Recycling


Shingles-Recycling-processYou’re a roofing contractor and you are thinking about recycling your asphalt shingles, but you’re asking yourself, “Why? What’s the point?” Well, here are some advantages of recycling your tear-off asphalt shingles:

  • Recycling asphalt shingles is a cost effective alternative to landfill disposal or other disposal methods.
  • Recycling asphalt shingles is an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposing of old shingles in a landfill. According to a report by the Northeast Recycling Council, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the, “U.S. manufactures and disposes of an estimated 11 million tons of asphalt shingles.” Roughly 10 million tons of the waste is scrap from new roof installations and tear-offs, while the remaining 1 million tons is from asphalt shingle manufacturers.
  • By properly removing and recycling tear-off asphalt shingles, you are on your way towards earning additional credits under LEED certification programs.
  • Reed makes recycling asphalt shingles convenient by offering drop-off locations that are easy and accessible to use.

We currently have five shingle recycling locations.



Shingle Recycling Locations


Shingle1 Shingle Recycling Huntsville:

187 Nick Fitchard Rd
Huntsville, AL 35806


Shingle Recycling Decatur/Athens:

19842 Laughmiller Rd
Tanner, AL 35671

Shingle3Shingle Recycling Laceys Spring:

181 Parks Chapel Rd
Lacey’s Spring, AL 35754



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